Jane and George went to the supermarket.

George spotted a packet of biscuits that he fancied. They weren’t on the list, but he felt he deserved a treat so put them in the basket. That night, George opened the biscuits and had a few. They were very nice and he enjoyed them. He looked forward to returning to them another day.

Some days later, he went for the biscuits after dinner. There were half as many now as when he last had them. Confused, he asked Jane if she’d eaten any of them. Jane said she had. Jane said she thought they were for both of them.

George was very irate and spent almost half an hour telling Jane, in a very upset voice, that the biscuits were his. George explained that, in the supermarket, Jane had shown no interest in the biscuits and did not indicate that she would ever want some. George also tried to explain that he had chosen them and put them in the basket thus meaning they were, obviously, his.

Jane said it was fine, she would never eat biscuits ever again, and asked him if he was happy now.


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