Jealous Guy

Another song title – this time John Lennon’s, but one I have had pounding through my mind this weekend, in anticipation of today, when my partner spent the morning with friends and their kids. Continue reading “Jealous Guy”


My Way

I wasn’t going to soliloquise about my diagnosis and all of that.

I felt, perhaps unsurprisingly, that it would be of little interest to anyone else. We each have our own journey, after all – mine is no more fascinating than any other.

Something I read lately, though, has convinced me otherwise. It is, of course, important to speak. Communication is everything – an ill-fitting motto to adapt for someone with autism, but true nonetheless. And maybe, one day, something, somewhere, might genuinely help someone. I know I would never want anyone else to be in the position I have been in for most of my life.

So here goes. The bare bones, warts-and-all account of… Me, I guess. Continue reading “My Way”